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True Clean Pool Services is a local family owned and operated business that provides high-quality professional pool services across Pinellas County.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional pool cleaning and maintenance services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on making your experience as a pool owner truly stress-free, and strive to be the people you can count on. We understand that great customer service is about building relationships and we make it our business to be available to our customers when they need us most.

We show up on time, we answer the phone when you call, and we make sure that you come home to a sparkling blue issue-free pool that you can enjoy at your leisure.


At True Clean Pools our goal is to provide stress-free solutions to keep your pool clean, as well as educate our customers and answer any questions they may have about their pool.

Generally it is safe to use your pool after the chemicals have dispersed throughout the pool, usually 15 minutes to one hour. If shocking your pool, wait until the chlorine levels drops to recommended levels.
Salt is added to the water at the time of installation. After that, only top-up salt is required to make up for salt lost through water splash-out, overflow due to rain, filter back-washing, leaks in the pool, etc. Evaporation does not reduce the salt level nor is the salt consumed in the saltwater system process.
It is a good idea to completely drain and refill your hot tub every 8 weeks. If you do not use the hot tub as often, you can generally go 12 weeks between water changes. Making sure that your hot tub has fresh water will also guard against the possibility of premature heater coil corrosion.

These unpleasant conditions indicate that the pool water has not been properly treated. A common cause is high levels of chloramines, formed when chlorine combines with body oils, perspiration, urine, and other contaminants brought into pools by swimmers.

Contrary to what most people think, a strong chemical smell is not an indication of too much chlorine in the pool. In fact, the pool may actually need additional chlorine treatment to get rid of chloramines and sanitize the water.

Automatic cleaners increase the opportunity that your pool will always be “swim ready.” This is an excellent option to ensure that algae does not get a chance to attach itself to your pool’s finish. The most common types of algae are caused by botanical debris settling to the bottom of your pool. Algae is unsightly as well as unhealthy for both swimmers and the longevity of your pool’s finish (plaster). Automatic cleaners are a very good option to avoid algae and stains on your pool’s finish.
We live in a time of irregular work schedules, increased obligations, and less time to get things done; that’s why at True Clean Pools we are available 7 days a week to schedule your free quote whenever it is convenient for YOU.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

You guys are too good to us and do an excellent job! I’m so thankful and particularly happy with the fact that my eyes don’t sting in the pool anymore.

Jane W.

Thank you for taking care of my pool and making it look as it should. It’s a shame that not all companies take care of you like this. I’m glad that you were recommended to me.

Sherry A.

I ran a roofing company for 30+ years up north, never once advertising but only going off of word of mouth. It’s very nice to see another company in this day and age that I feel will be able to do the same, Jake and Max do an excellent job!

Ron F.

A very good company, excellent response time, great work.

Jone W.

Comes out on time and makes sure I know everything that is going on. My pool has NEVER looked better. Highly recommended!

Jazmyne T.

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